Meet our founder, Lewis Jenkinson

We sat down with the founder of The Cedar Sauna Company, Lewis Jenkinson, to learn just more about him and his passion for the sauna industry.

I’ve always had a mildly obsessive nature, and one of my enduring obsessions has been a keen interest in health and wellbeing. Partly due to having ADHD and Asperger’s, mental health is an important issue for me —I’ve witnessed how it can affect us all, including close family members. Whilst I think there is a place for prescription drugs, I also think there are other, more beneficial and natural methods to successfully treat mental disorders.

Since I was 21, I have practiced martial arts, specialising in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The practice has been great for both my physical and mental wellbeing, but the martial arts community has also been a major influencing factor in my life; everyone regardless of background supports each other in all areas of our lives. 

Eventually my interest in health and fitness led to me discovering cold baths and cold swimming. This was a revelation; I found the effects of cold water to be simply incredible. Admittedly the first 30 seconds of leaping into a cold bath can be uncomfortable, but I learnt to breathe through the first moments and soon discovered I could easily remain in a cold bath for up to 10 minutes. I immediately noticed tangible benefits, for example my sleep improved – literally overnight! 

In fact, I loved the results so much I started to heavily research this subject to learn as much as I possibly could. I learnt about the power of breathing and how we can control our nervous system to remain in cold temperatures for longer. Finally, I discovered sauna and how heat and cold therapy work in symbiosis to create an even stronger and greater effect on our minds and bodies.

Sauna is an incredible method of accessing the healing drugs that reside within us all, whilst experiencing the cleanest, most uplifting natural high of all time!

The physical benefits of using both sauna and cold therapy astounded me. As the endorphins start to rush around the brain releasing the happy hormones — dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin which help to balance our stress hormone cortisol — I could not believe the out of body euphoria this practice induces. It’s incredibly addictive!

I also discovered a whole new world of sauna practice and culture, and the beautiful sauna community. Similarly, to the martial arts fraternity, the sauna network is incredibly supportive, and I began meeting truly remarkable people.

It was then I needed a sauna of my own. But I knew I wanted a true sauna, not the cheap and poorly designed ones found in gyms or hotels. I also had an idea of making a mobile barrel sauna so others could benefit. I reached out to everyone I knew in the sauna network to help in finding the very best people involved in sauna construction. The community did not disappoint! 

I was put in contact with a supplier in the Czech Republic who imports Russian built saunas from Moscow using cedar wood forested from the Altai mountains of Siberia. I explained I wanted to buy one of his saunas and tour the UK, popping up next to beaches and lakes and martial arts training camps. However, he suggested that I ought to be the UK’s first distributor of his brand, building them in the UK. And I thought – now that’s an idea! 

Suddenly I was flying out to Prague, driving two hours north to the Vrchlabi mountains in the Czech Republic, only to meet with a guy I already knew! Bizarrely, we had previously worked on a site together when I was an electrician!

Together we built a sauna, with him teaching me the craft involved in constructing luxury saunas.  Once home I spent the following five weekends building my mobile barrel sauna. It did not take long before I was being asked to build saunas for people who had seen my mobile sauna. Due to the research I had spent on the design and construction of saunas, I realised I wanted to create my own business, sourcing local materials and building bespoke saunas to my specific design and construction, from scratch. 

The Cedar Sauna Company was created from a passion to help others benefit from the extraordinary effects of sauna and discover an amazing community of like-minded people – all of whom have supported me in my efforts to create my lovely company. I hope you too get to enjoy the many benefits sauna and sauna lifestyle can offer.


Lewis Jenkinson



The true sauna experience should focus on both the aesthetic and practical design elements inside and out of a sauna.


Our design team create bespoke solutions using the finest quality materials to meet your sauna expectations, whilst ensuring a stunning aesthetic finish.

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All our saunas are hand built and created to your bespoke design, matching your specific requirements. Materials are top quality and locally sourced, all used to provide you the very best sauna experience.


You’ll have full control and choice of which materials, stoves, stones and accessories you’d prefer to use, all provided with our advice.

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The history of sauna is fascinating; from different sauna cultures and practices, to design and construction to the amazing health benefits. But no matter where in the world and how differently sauna is practiced – the community connection is an essential part of sauna practice.


Within the sauna kinship everyone is treated equally leading to powerful, supportive bonds both inside and outside of the community.

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Steel Cold Plunge Ice Baths

Manufactured in Nebraska USA. These steel ice baths are manufactured to the highest standards and provide the perfect ice bath or plunge pool and can be used inside our outdoors.

Made from made from 0.91mm (20GA) G90 steel.

These tanks feature 4 ply locked seams with contained sealant. The top contains a 22mm (0.875in) steel pipe rolled into the top edge to create a smooth crush-proof finish. The tanks also have a 19mm (0.75in) zinc coated, threaded plug assembly to enable the tank to be drained.

The steel round bath is available in 3 different sizes.

Stock tanks are primarily made for commercial livestock use, and due to their agricultural nature they may have imperfections such as small dents and scratches. Any such marks will in no way affect the durability of the tanks and should be viewed in the context of their agricultural origins. The size of the tanks may vary up to 10cm from the specified dimensions.

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Hot Tub with
Internal Heater


Set includes:

  • Polypropylene hot tub insert : inner size 160cm / inner depth 105cm;
  • Wooden parts:
    • – outside wall
    • nice round wooden edge on top
    • two-steps stairs
    • inner fence with shelf – mini bar (protection against the burns)
    • inside benches-sunny type
    • hot tub cover
  • 2pcs clamping bands made of stainless steel (adjustable)
  • Powerful Inside heater (stainless steel thickness 1,5mm, sort: 304) with chimney and cap
  • Bottom water outlet
  • Ash shovel
  • Wooden paddle

Please note that larger diameters and additional stair types are available on request. Please make a note of these on the “Additional Comments” section below if these are options you wish to explore.

To request the perfect Hot Tub with Internal Heater made to your specifications, please fill in the form below

Hot Tub with
External Heater


Set includes:

  • Poly-propelene hot tub insert (UV-resistant)
  • Diameter – 1.60 m
  • Height / depth – 1.05 m
  • Outside diameter – 1.76 m
  • Wooden outside decoration
  • Outside wall
  • Nice round wooden edge on top
  • Two steps stairs
  • Wooden benches
  • Clamping bands made of stainless steel
  • Outside heater set (heater, chimney with cap, connections)
  • Bottom water outlet
  • Wooden paddle
  • Ash shovel

Please note that larger diameters and additional stair types are available on request. Please make a note of these on the “Additional Comments” section below if these are options you wish to explore.

To request the perfect Hot Tub with External Heater made to your specifications, please fill in the form below

Mini Ice Bath


Set includes:

  • Polypropylene insert (UV-resistant)
  • Inside diameter – 100 cm
  • Height / depth – 100 cm
  • Outside diameter – 116 cm;
  • Standard bench height 30cm , width 35cm;
  • Plastic bench – open style;
  • Wooden decoration – spruce: outside wall, nice round wooden edge on top, two steps stairs;
  • 2 clamping bands made of stainless steel (adjustable);
  • Bottom water outlet

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